Prenatal Retail Group

We have developed a series of web and mobile applications for the client. Including ecommerce web and mobile applications, payment processing connectors and ERP connectors, landing pages, custom dashboard pages etc.

Industry:Online Shopping
Key Features:ecommerce, cloud, microservices
Technologies:Node JS, PHP, Redis
Prenatal Retail Group

The Pitch

Prenatal Retail Group ( is a group of companies, which includes: Prénatal, Toys Center, Bimbo Store and King Jouet in France and Switzerland.  Based in Italy but also operaing in many countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal, France etc.

The request was to migrate old platforms and to create the new ones for countires like Greece, Spain, France, Portugal etc.  Main focus was to build (and enhance) the ecommerce platform and connecting the application with other in house software systems.

721 Stores3939 Employees€975 MLN turnover in 2018416.350 sqm total store surface24.3 million assisted customers

The Process

We started with the Prenatal Greece ( in 2017, then with other countires one by one  Prenatal Spain 2018 (, Prebatal Italy 2019 (, Prenatal France 2020 (, Toys Center ( and Bimbo Store ( 2019.

Our team migrated all content from the old platforms. Including articles, customers, products, stores, services etc. We also connected internal softwares with the ecommerce platform, such as ERP system (SAP), CRM (Informatica 360), Support System (Zendesk) etc.

Developed the new ecommerce platformMigration from the old platformDeveloped custom pieces of softwares to feed their needsImplemented a serise of services like SAP, Informatica 360, Zendesk etcConnected every store with the ecommerce plafromMigrated to Google Cloud

The Result

As the result of the hard work, the numbers started to increase. The revenue, site speed, seo index, monthly users, sessions etc.

We continue to support the platform every day, improving the service, adding new features and taking care for the performace and everything related to the site reliability.

Monthy users increased with 30%Site speed improved more than 65%Revenue increased by 40%

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