Albanian Football Federation

Since some years, we are supporting AFA in many aspects, including the web application, mobile application, live score system, football statistics database, connectors with their football management system, ecommerce web application, payment connector for the ecommerce, custom landing pages etc.

Key Features:livescore, microservices, ecommerce
Technologies:Wordpress, PHP, React JS
Albanian Football Federation

The Pitch

AFA is based in Tirana, Albania. It organizes the national football leagues of the Albanian Superliga, the First Division, the Second Division etc. The request was to increase the online presence and to create more connections between football teams / players and their fans, also to be able to sell online.

35+ yearly football competitions1M+ football fansa beloved national team

The Process

In the earlier stages we started small, taking care of the web application, which was used to show latest news from AFA, latest match results, photo and video galleries from the events etc. The seccond step was to release the ecommerce application, used in many countires, offering the possibility for online payments. Third step was to expose online the football database, including football history (matches, players, events etc), current competition activities like; match results, ranking tables, match formations, match events etc. We also created the livescore mobile app and the livescore web app, providing information in real time related to active competitions, matches and events, ranking tables etc. Recently we did a complete redesing of the online presence (after 5+ years of the initial version).

Developed the new ecommerce platformLivescore web/mobile application

The Result

Albanian Football Association has its online presence, football fans are reaching their teams / players more easly, media has a place where to be informed in the real time, football statistics can be used from everyone, our national team can be followed step by step in its journey.

Increased online presenceProviding realtime data to football fansEveryone can purchase form the online store

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