We help organizations move from legacy systems to affordable and innovative cloud and mobile services. But we don’t stop there. Innovation is a continuous improvement cycle which requires ongoing engagement with our customer teams.

ConsultDefine vision and objectives, build business sponsorship, scope initial project horizons.
Build and DeployPrioritise, prototype and deploy services, engage and enable user groups.
Customer Success Deliverprocess improvements, measure and reward success, promote a culture of innovation, define future product horizons.
Tailored tech solutions

At NMC Soft, we understand that every business is different. Every organisation has different ambitions and goals. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, so that we can help you transform your organisation and drive business growth with tailored cloud technology solutions.

Modernise your IT infrastructure

Achieve speed, security, and scalability with application modernisation, VM migration and high performance computing.

Innovate with data

Get real-time insights on your organisation and customers. Implement large scale automation with data lakes, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

Transform how you work

Drive productivity by enabling your entire workforce to create and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Application development

Give users the best experience and the latest technology with cutting-edge apps, built by award-winning developers.

Data Analytics

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