NMC Soft

Is a software development company with a proven expertise in web, mobile applications, cloud computing and ecommerce applications

Our Story

We started on october 2007

As a marketing services company in Tirana registered as a small business. The 2 owners had a long experience in marketing & advertising (creative & media) as individuals, after that they decided to get together and invest on creating the agency.

On february 2011

Following the new trends in marketing – the expansion of Digital - and by widening our focus of work we changed our name and our legal status in a New Company named NMC Soft.


NMC Soft stands for a new way of working with Technology Solutions & Digital Marketing.Over the years, we've developed Innovative Digital Platforms & powerful marketing solutions in the fields of Retail, Construction, Consumer goods, Financial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Education, Recreation, tourism & travel etc.Now we are present in Albania, Italy and USA.

Our Team

Talent - Dedication - Experience

We’re a team of developers, engineers, ecommerce experts and more, working together to build software that powers your business.

We choose our staff based on 3 pillars talent, dedication and experience.25 Tech Lovers, self-learners, talented youngsters in age but not in experience make up the team that is committed to our set of values.We apply Agile methodology and are flexible to work with any project management tools depending on the client.

Our values

We stick to what we say

Clients = Friends

We have the Will ...to Make Things Happen

Work with us

There’s always a seat at the table for your creative idea. Complete the form below, or get in touch at online@newmedia.al