Frontend Developer

Tirane, Albania

Apply if you have

  • have proven min. 1+ years’ commercial experience in building React and/or Vue JS web applications,
  • strong knowledge of React and/or Vue JS, 
  • awareness of state management patterns and solutions (e.g. Redux / Mobx),
  • knowledge of testing (Enzyme, Jest, etc.)
  • practice in using ES2015+ ,
  • ability to create a DRY and S.O.L.I.D. code,
  • HTML5 APIs knowledge,
  • CSS3 knowledge,
  • experience with Responsive Web Design,
  • real world git experience,
  • strong communication skills,
  • eye for detail,
  • a good command of written and spoken English

Nice To Have

  • knowledge of common JS libraries (lodash/ramda/underscore, date-fns, react-intl, react-final-form etc.),
  • familiarity with tools such as Webpack / Babel / Eslint, CircleCI
  • Single Page App architecture,
  • type systems - Flowtype, Typescript,
  • E2E testing
  • Server Side Rendering, code-splitting,
  • front-end performance and/or SEO optimisation,
  • Node.js.

Apply Now

No strong hierarchy, cooperation with global clients, dev-friendly processes, processes based on Scrum and Agile methodologies.

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